26 April 2010

So much to do when there's nothing to do

When volcanic ash has been a-blowin all week and we're stuck inside with nothing to do, we cut up sheep fat and make slátur! Sheep blood and fat pudding of some sort, mmm.

But then I got bored and went to Reykjavik. Five unplanned days in town turned out wonderfully. Yacht trip, vegan pizza and avatar, epic walk to light house, playing guitar with drunk celtic musicians at guinness pub, drinking with hannah, art museum, swimming, techno dance show!, skipping(a new term I learned to mean dumpster diving, European?), food not bombs, garden digging at the only legalized squat in Iceland, and then finally passing out during Life of Brian. I wish every unplanned day of my life turned out like this.

Some photos from the show Friday night. It's quite terrifying being in an aggressive dance pit when you're about everyone's elbow-height. I swear someone grabbed my neck to push in front of me. But no one spilled beer on my camera! I'm a lucky lucky girl.


I think Bloodgroup was this band's name. They did a great cover of Heartbeats by the Knife.

And then it was the ULTRA MEGA TECHNOBANDID STEFAN. Ha, they were fun.

Got back to Vik last night, and it's been snowing all day. They say in Iceland that if the first day of summer is frozen together with winter(there's no spring here apparently), then it'll be a great summer. It doesn't look so promising right now though. Flights are still a mess in Europe, so the only person in the hostel now is a jolly old Scottish man who came by the ferry. And poor guy is stuck inside all day because it's been a-snowin and the wind's a-blowin. Not much work for me either, which is excellent for now because I've got loads of unfinished projects I need to work on.

I will now leave you with this.

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Anonymous said...

I thought the first picture was chocolate and jam...