27 July 2011

Self Portrait in Vallromanes


I've abandoned photography for a while. My camera collected dust, and it made me sad. I'm leaving on a trip in two days. I hope to be more productive.

08 July 2011


Hace mucho calor.

Fui a Francia hace dos semanas.

No voy a ir a universidad este año.

He perdido mi "memory card reader."

Tengo tres semana mas con los niños.

No tengo idee que voy a hacer este otoño.

Estoy cansada siempre.

Ya esta para ahora.

30 May 2011

Spanish Roadtrip, American Style

I just got back from a ten-day roadtrip encircling most of Spain. Right before, I got pretty stressed about possibly getting chickenpox, and it was my birthday on top, among other issues of constant worry, so this turned out to be one of those trips where photography took a backseat and I needed it more for my sanity than anything. We headed north from Barcelona, visiting the Dali museum, through Andorra, passing southern France to hit the Atlantic, across and over to the western most of Spain, dipped down into Portugal, hopped by Madrid and Valencia then back home.

San Sebastien.

Quite possibly my favorite photo from the whole trip.

La Coruna


It was so beautiful it didn't even matter that we didn't know where we were going half the time.


Sunset at the end of the world. Finisterre, Spain.

11 May 2011

07 May 2011

It's been three months.

This happened today,

squat march

Something about squats and artists/performers who live in them. Everyone was in circus costume. There was a brief sit-in in the middle of a major intersection.

squat march

Then we moved to the plaza and they had a show for everyone!

26 April 2011

Less Serious Photos, More Fun!

I went a little nuts with the cropping.


Graffiti nation, no joke.

Roquetas beach.

Alhambra from Albaycin
Alhambra from Albaycin.

somewhere in andalucia
Somewhere in Andalucia, apparently where many spaghetti westerns were filmed.

25 April 2011

Semana Santa Spanish Style - Granada

I was warned of the similarities, yet it still took conscious effort to not recoil in absolute terror and race back to the house and demand to be taken back to barcelona. So another thing that racism stole from religion. But instead of just a cryptic symbol of bent lines, this seems to be equally disturbing even in a religious setting. Without any contextual background, it's still not a crowd I'd want to party with or even want to be within the vicinity of. Maybe that's the point, I guess. Another religious matter that flies high above my level of understanding, color me humbled(that can't be the right word...).

Semana Santa 4/11

Semana Santa 4/11

Semana Santa 4/11

Semana Santa 4/11

Semana Santa 4/11

Semana Santa 4/11

Semana Santa 4/11

Semana Santa 4/11

Semana Santa 4/11

Semana Santa 4/11

Semana Santa 4/11

Semana Santa 4/11

07 April 2011

Can Masdeu

Today I went to visit one of the more famous squats here in Barcelona, Can Masdeu. Squat culture here is considerably larger than that of US. People live in old abandoned buildings without paying rent or being the official owners. Can Masdeu is in the countryside just north of BCN. After a ten-minute walk up the hill with a view of the flourishing valley, you'll find the old mansion located in the middle of some beautiful mountains...



oh and it was abandoned for 53 years because it used to be a leper hospital.

04 April 2011

I live near the woods


I took the little one on a picnic last week. Sant Cugat is on the edge of the woods, and a ten minute walk from my house will take you to this tree.

sant cugat

Pi d'en Xandri is the name of the tree. Quite the landmark of Sant Cugat. It was struck by lightning a few years ago so now the sticks keep it standing.

02 April 2011

Beach near Tarragona


Unlike the ocean, seas don't have tides. No stepping over piles of dry seaweed here!

29 March 2011