16 April 2010

Ashes to ashes

Perhaps I've been a bit too bitter. I do apologize for any snarky comments. The principal subject of my discontent is completely unrelated to my work and company at the hostel, both of which I've thoroughly enjoyed for the past few weeks.

On a different note, ash is about to arrive. Not entirely sure what's going to happen, but my lady just picked up breathing masks and I just covered the kitchen counter with pots of water.

The sky and my hostel now.


Anonymous said...

Is your town west of the volcano or east of it? i know all the ash was blown eastward to Europe, so if you are west of it, you should be better off, right?


Wenjing Zhang said...

definitely 30km east, a bit southeast. the ash somehow skipped our town and went to the next town east of us with the strong wind, but i think it's supposed to get here in a few hours. if we were west of it, it wouldn't be a problem at all then. the airport is west of it and it's still flying to u.s.