27 February 2010


We were planning to take a trip to a small harbor town today, the name of the town escapes me, as do most Icelandic, but miscalculated the bus by two hours. So instead, Emely, Jingwen and I went exploring downtown Reykjavik in the snow. They showed me some cool second hand shops and the flea market. I really still can't get myself to take my camera out in a crowd and take touristy photos, but I want it be known that I've tried Hakarl, also known as fermented shark, an Icelandic delicacy.
I will agree with Anthony Bourdain on this one. One of the worst things I've ever put in my mouth.

This storm isn't stopping and so won't the snow photos.

The reflections are from the bus window.

The unemployed, depressed, likes-to-sit-and-stare-into-space Polish man in my living room is...laughing? Drinking wine from the bottle and laughing at a movie by himself, oh boy.

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Aaron said...

hmm, that polish guy sounds like a roommate i used to have