08 March 2011

Beaches and Sitges

My dearest Canon - I cannot believe I left you for three weeks. Oh how I missed you and the way you make me feel like I am whole. You are capable of producing so much color that flickr can't even handle it(and thus flattens them below). I will never leave you again.




It was CarniVAL week(aka Mardi Gras in the States)! I went with some friends to a parade in the nearby town Sitges(gay central of Spain apparently). We got there during the kids parade in the afternoon, then had a picnic on the beach joining the hundreds of other adults all waiting for the sun to go down(and the real party to start). Somewhere between drinking and personally not liking taking photos in big crowds with loads going on(detrimental to my journalistic career, I know)(probably the latter), these are all I got. I mean, sometimes it's just like, I just wanna chill.




Monday was holiday. I spent all afternoon on the beach. Oh Barcelona, I'm falling for you.


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