20 February 2011

It's been Two Weeks

Today I went swimming at the local pool with a new friend Cristina. I never swim, but I try to say yes to all and any invites these days. Swimming caps are compulsary! But the self-consciousness fades fast once you see that everyone else looks like alien eggheads too.

Kids whine a lot.

Extended family birthday lunch at the mountain house. Hablenespanolmuyrapidoaqui! Pero esta muy bien para mis oregas ingles. I had my first full(broken) conversation in Spanish with someone I don't know! Yo aprendo! Tomorrow I have a meeting again with Ani's friend whom I'm doing language exchange with. Then one more week and I think I can start lessons in Barcelona(unless I puke on the train and decide my body will never adjust and will always get sick after riding).

Spanish is hard. No. Let me re-phrase that. Learning a new language is hard.

This week I had a dream that I flew back to the states after two months in Europe. I was so happy to see everyone, but immediately after it hit me what I had done and I thought shit, why the fuck did I just come back?
Then I woke up and realized I was still here. And was happy.

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Aaron said...

Wenjing! You're doin' a great job at life! Maybe one day I can join you