27 February 2011

Colonia Güell - Santa Coloma de Cervelló

Another mini-excursion to a nearby village.

Colonia Güell is a small colony built around a textile factory in the late 19th century. Eusebi Güell, the businessman who initiated the project, commissioned Antoni Gaudi to design and build parts of the colony, the most famous piece being the Crypt(which was sadly closed). This will probably be revisited on a day when its open. A few quick photos for now...



This photo feels awkward to me. I liked it a lot, so I framed it.


A small abandoned castle nearby, a.k.a. local youth playground.


I went to bed at 4 in the morning on quite a grungy couch last night. Too tired to write anything more descriptive than a wikipedia replica. Sleep now.

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Nancy Nguyen said...

very jealous of your adventures. i follow your blog and wish i could do some traveling soon.