09 February 2011





I must be progressing. During my 18 hour trip, flight and layovers included, I had my first ever full conversation with an airplane neighbor. And it turns out she likes to travel too! And is from France! And now lives in Miami! And studied in Sweden! And is now trying to move to Brazil! And has a real job with Evian! So she just gets transferred worldwide while having a real job with a real salary and doesn't have to watch kids to survive!

... my time will come...

I'm not complaining though. My family has been really nice and welcoming(and they're not forcing me with a gun to write this either(and this neither)). After surviving through the "freeze" of Houston, which delayed my flight, I finally got to Barcelona and was immediately taken to a traditional Catalan picnic(in an effin mansion in the mountains!). I was offered a lot of beer, onions, and sausages. The weather was incredible.


Anonymous said...

I remember watching those charred green onions on Anthony Bourdain show. How do they taste?


Wenjing Zhang said...

i liked them, but i also like onions more than you. you eat them with a sauce, a lot like tomato cream sauce, and it's quite tasty.