19 May 2010

Don't Walk Where the Ground is Steaming

Because you might just fall into a reserve of boiling water!

Finally took a long weekend, spent the few days between Reykjavik and Hverager├░i. It was nice to get out of the ash, and the weather was gorgeous.

Took about an hour to get to this spot where the hot stream meets the cold stream. Remember laying in the cold crisp water of the Austin Greenbelt, basking in the hot Texas summer sun? Now imagine the opposite! Don't let the photo fool you, the water was probably near 110F, and we definitely jumped out of the river into sweaters and jackets.

We crossed the mountain and followed the river on the way back. Next time I'll think twice before going hiking with a) people who have much longer legs or b) people who naturally walk ridiculously fast. I'll also think twice before stepping on stones to cross a river. Just because your two friends made it, doesn't mean you will!

I spent Monday (yea it was my BIRTHDAY you ungrateful forgetful fiends!) relaxing with grandma Magga in Hverager├░i, helping her with her plants, eating too much, you know the usual. I think I also reached the first highlight point in all my hitchhiking when one of the drivers dropped me off right when the ash cloud started. I looked around and saw no cars either direction. Luckily the first car picked me up. Hitchhiking here is like crazy easy. It's going to be weird going back home where I can't use hitchhiking as a weekly reliable form of transportation.

Sneak peek of the next installment in Wenjing's travels:

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