02 March 2010

It's a love/hate relationship

Snow finally stopped. Today was a drizzle kind of day.

I went to Reykjavik this morning to have coffee with a couch surfer at Cafe Babalu, possibly the cutest cafe I've been to. I think the decisive moment was when I walked to the back and saw the painting of two old men giving each other a kiss in front of a hobbit hole house.

I was having a great day until I had to walk the two kids home from daycare. Only a 5 minute walk, but had the teacher not come outside to help me, I would've had to forcibly carry home a screaming/crying/arms-swinging two year old while a four year old ran twenty feet ahead of me. The only thing that changed after her talk was the screaming/crying/arms-swinging part. My arm is still sore.
Spoiled is an understatement for the kids. Mental would be appropriate, though, for the father.

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