15 March 2010

Bless bless Mosfell!

I left Mosfellsbaer Friday morning with my 50lbs. suitcase in hand and a vague plan in mind. Fortunately, I've made a nice friend who agreed to house me last minute, and even cook me a delicious vegan meal!

Woke up Saturday and was in the mood for more adventure; dragged on my suitcase and took the bus to Selfoss. Met up with friends and couch surfer and couch surfer's friends. Learned that small towns are like small towns everywhere, meaning: there's not much to do except get drunk. Sure why not. Unfortunately this is one of those times when I don't have any photos to show. Fortunately, I didn't have to worry about my camera getting punch spilt on all night.

Got to Vík by night time Sunday, and started work Monday morning. I don't know if I've mentioned already, but I finally left my crazy Icelandic host and found work down south at a hostel, which is where I am right now. Yesterday, I hiked up the nearby mountain with a German traveler from the hostel. It was embarrassing. He had hiked the Alps before, whereas I can't climb three flights of stairs without losing breath. Nevertheless, I made it!

And it was beautiful.

Vík, town of 300 inhabitants.
Fact: Right next to Vík is the Katla volcano which sits below the Mýrdalsjökull glacier. It is believed that a major eruption could cause a flash flood from the glacier which could wipe out the entire town of Vík. Katla is recorded to erupt every 40-60 years. The last recorded eruption was in 1918.

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